Water Braided Hose Pipe



Nova Flex Braided Pipe is designed for high-pressure applications. It is a superior replacement to conventional rubber hoses as it is made of PVC. This results in convenience due to lightweight and economy in use. It has superior consolidation and adhesion between the braids and covers, as compared to rubber hoses.

Made by reinforcement (Braiding) of synthetic yarn in between two or more layers of Soft PVC. The yarn is reinforced in crosswise as well as in longitudinal directions. This provides high pressure carrying capacity as well as good flexibility.

Size Talacauvery Flex (Lite) Weight Nova Flex (Medium) Weight Nova Flex Gold (Heavy) Weight
1/2 “ 3.5 kg 3.5 kg 4.5 kg
3/4 “ 5.2 kg 5.5 kg 6.5 kg
1″ 7 kg 7.5 kg 8.5 kg