Garden Pipes



A type of water pipe which is well known for its flexibility, durability, and is commonly used to flush out the water for all garden and landscaping purposes, Nova Garden Pipes manufactured by RIMCO are all-weather pipes in our popular Garden Pipes segment which have a superior build, are lightweight, and guarantee a promise of top-notch quality. Both the garden pipes are Made in India and Made for Green India.

Size Talacauvery Flex (Lite) Weight Nova Flex (Medium) Weight Nova Flex Gold (Heavy) Weight Nova Flex Super (Heavy) Weight Nova Ultimate (Heavy) Weight
1/2 “ 2.5 kg 2.5 kg 3.5 kg
3/4 “ 4.5 kg 4.5 kg 6 kg 8 kg 10 kg
1″ 6.5 kg 6.5 kg 8 kg 10 kg 12 kg
11/4″ 10 kg 10 kg 12 kg 14 kg 16 kg